GVT Talents has given a fresh perspective to talent business by creating a hybrid brand whose primary focus is to bring together the elements of Fashion, Film, Music, Celebrity Management and Advertising. GVT TALENTS (Modelling & Casting Agency), being one of the most networked talent house in UK - UAE - Pakistan - India & Iran. we combine a professional approach coupled with a personal touch to deliver a unique offering "Endorsement, Appearances, Performances, Magazines, Fashion Events, Television, Print Shoots, Ad Films, Movies". GVT Talents sets the standard in the modeling and advertising industry. At GVT Talents, the ethos is to truly believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered; it requires vision, cultivation, dedication, and the personalized attention we provide. We continue to strive hard on a daily basis to ensure that our talents and clients meet their professional goals by setting the bar high within the industry and a benchmark for other agencies and talents to follow. Gul Gee, President and Owner of GVT Talents, is a veteran of the modeling and advertising business with great success representing models and actors throughout the world for 5 years. What makes us the best in the business? We are the only agency that develops, represents and books talent all under one roof. In this fast-paced, ever-changing business, our qualified team of talent scouts, agents, designers, and support staff can transform your image with ease to best suit our clients’ needs. Having marketed models and actors in INDIA, UK & Pakistan and throughout the world with affiliate agencies, we have enjoyed great success in the pages of Elle, Hello, Vogue and Self Magazines. And that’s just the beginning. We currently have several models working across the globe who were discovered locally here in Pakistan and developed by the team at GVT Talents. Aspiring models are developed to be marketed and promoted on a local, national and international level. GVT Talents also serves as a mother agent to those that fit the strict requirements to become a working model with the top agencies in the world.

We  are  always  looking  for  new  faces!

Professional photos are not required. Click the photos below to upload your images

Any issues uploading images please email them along with all of your information to gvttalents@gmail.com


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


It is preferred to initially send an email to gvttalents@gmail.com to book, hold, request to attend a casting or check availability of the type of model(s) for your request. Please don't hesitate to call if you need clarification on something specific. All models may not be listed on the site. However, all phone call request must be followed up with email request.


1. Date/Time model required to be available
2. Include prep details: if required: fittings, make-up/hair, rehearsals
3. Location of job or shoot (address/city/state)
4. Product/Client/Description of job duties expected
5. Use of image/photographer site link/contact info (if it is for a shoot)
6. Length of time image/photograph will be used and where (web, print publication, etc...)
7. Budget being offered (an agency booking fee of 45% will be applied to all billings)

It is not a problem if you don't have any or all of the above information at the time of your request; we can always check the availability of any given model, as well as discuss usage, rates, and budget/trade concerns before confirming the final request.



One Headshot and One Body Shot, At a Minimum

The very minimum you should submit is one headshot and one body shot. Preferably, you should submit one headshot in which you are smiling and one in which you are not smiling.

Be sure to include the left and right side of your face because everyone has what we call a good side that photographs better. Also, you absolutely must send body profiles where you are not obscured by surrounding objects whether it's furniture or landscaping such as trees or boulders.

Keep Makeup to a Minimum:

want to see the real you so it is important to keep makeup to a minimum. Think of your face as a template. A little foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and lip gloss is all you need. Male models should never wear makeup, but a small amount of bronzer is alright as long as it's not noticeable. And if your face tends to get oily, it's okay to wear some translucent powder to get rid of any sheen.

Only You in the Photos: 

 Be sure you are the only person in the photos you submit. Never submit photos of you and your friends drinking at the bar, playing pool, or partying in Vegas. You don't want your photos to tell a story. Save those pics for your social media platforms. Agents and scouts want to see you and only you. You need to be a clean slate that they can dress and portray to tell a story and sell a product or service. The rule of thumb is to pick your best photos that highlight your best features. Be sure to include some shots of you smiling and some shots of you in a neutral mood.

 Include a Swimsuit Shot: 

If you are comfortable wearing a swimsuit then it is always a good idea to include some shots of you wearing either a one-piece or bikini.  Keep posing to a minimum when wearing a swimsuit because your shots can quickly go from elegant to tacky with some unfortunate poses. Also, bikini does not mean a string bikini and while a speedo is acceptable, keep the pose professional.

Keep Hairstyles Simple :

It's important to keep your hairstyle simple and well-groomed. If you have long hair take photos of your hair down and also pulled back. Make sure your hair is in good condition. If you need a haircut, color job, or trim, go to your hair stylist and colorist before you take your photos.

Do not submit photos of your hair with extensions or weaves because agents will not be able to tell what your real hair looks like.